hey, it’s natalie.

I like people who give good hugs & laugh really loud. / Fan of nice teeth, dental hygiene, good tea, & loving people. / Living the perpetual struggle & searching for beauty in the midst of it. / Striving to make people feel seen. / ENFP

Living in Iowa. Dreaming of France.

“I live my life to spite the voices in my head that tell me I’m not better off alive but dead.” // Heath McNease

“It’s not that I hate myself, I’m just not impressed.” // Talkie

I don’t deceive myself here. I know I’m not a writer. But sometimes, my friends, life is really freaking hard. Sharing my struggle helps me process. I like to think that it encourages others. That’s honestly all I want from this: To encourage others. Keep pressing on. Keep living. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Life is hard, but it’s beautiful.


you would beat me in a straight face contest. 100%. no doubt. i don’t even have to meet you to know that. [photo creds // the incomparable Megan Masilko]


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